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When the cold arrives in Jerez, in November, the well-known Jerez Zambombas begin. In the neighborhood of Santiago, in the rock "Tío José de Paula" or in any tabanco in the center you will find a zambomba that will surprise you.

In December the city prepares for Christmas, the zambombas continue and the entire historic center is decorated with Christmas lights and decorations. Nor should you miss a classic, fun and exciting Three Kings Parade, aimed at the enjoyment of children. The cold leaves this city with the wonderful Jerez Easter. A week full of feeling, Faith, intensity, the smell of incense and orange blossom. Holy Week commemorates the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Jerez Brotherhoods bring out their images with great devotion and love. It is an artistic and ethnographic show highly recommended for everyone.

# Jerez


When the flowers bloom, the city of Jerez prepares for one of the most important events of the year: the Feria de Jerez. Flamenco, ruffles, fine wine and a lot of art. The Jerez Fair lasts a week and is held in the month of May, a meeting attended by millions of people, it is held in the González Hontoria park and you can enjoy a good flamenco show, with a glass of Jerez wine and a spectacular Iberian ham dish. Jerez also has its Bullfighting Fair, coinciding with the Horse Fair, in one of the best-known bullrings in the national territory.

The month of May also includes the Moto GP Grand Prix at the Jerez speed circuit, an event that fills the city during a weekend of motorcyclists and lovers of the world of mopeds and many meetings are held in different parts of the city. town. And, of course, the smell of orange blossom and jasmine that fill the streets of Jerez in spring, the horse carriages and the magnificent churches make Jerez a magical and perfect place for weddings.

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With the arrival of the heat, the terraces of the city fill with people who like to enjoy the good weather. The concerts begin, the live music while you have an aperitif and the back and forth to the beaches of the Bay of Cádiz, which are only 15 minutes away.

Don't forget to visit the wonderful white villages of the Sierra de Cádiz on summer nights, unprecedented places that will surprise you.

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With the fall of the leaves, the Harvest season arrives in Jerez. The harvesting of the grapes for the future production of Jerez wines arrives, and is celebrated with the Harvest Fair, where you can carry out different wine tastings in the area, visit the best wineries in Jerez and learn a little more about the wine making process.

Golf and hunting are two activities that, due to their quality and high level, become an attraction in Jerez for fans.